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The Introduction


Ouch he shouted then fell to the floor.

“Stand and present yourself” I state.

He stands painfully staggering to his feet, red faced and out of puff – he then stands to attention and puts his hands behind his back, army style, ready for the next kick to his testicles.

I take a stand back and raise my leg back to get some clout. Thigh high boots feeling tacky as my bare skin heats up with the leather. I have become one with the boot.  […more…] 

The Chapters

Chapter One

Growing up

A look at where Charlotte came from, the issues she dealt with from her family, and an insight to that important first few years of her life. Charlotte experiences her first scandal and tries to find her identity…Charlotte finds her own sexual exploration… Can Charlotte learn to stand strong at such a young age?

Chapter Two

School years

How Charlotte coped at school, her education. The troubles she faced by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Charlotte tries to identify her sexuality and has two explicit experiences to help her discover who she is. Charlotte has her next two big scandals and experiences her first low point in her life. Will Charlotte be able to recover?

Chapter Three

The Reputation

She had been branded as a trouble maker, and it only got worse, two more scandals, fights with the family, and her second low point, how low can Charlotte go? What will Charlotte do next?

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Chapter Four

The Men

Charlotte talks more in depth about the men in her life, going back to old relationships, all the way to the father of her kids. The affairs, the one night stands…will Charlotte learn from her mistakes?

Chapter Five

1st Taste

Charlotte talks about her first taste of the sex industry, the Dominatrix, the new look, the new Charlotte. Starring in videos and magazines, launching her own media company and more. Was this the turning point for Charlotte?

Chapter Six

The kids

The family life, Charlotte the mother, she always knew that there more to life than just being a housewife, and prisoner. Her body changed, and was feeling emotionally manipulated. The birth of her children was not easy, child medical issues challenges Charlotte’s emotions whilst single white female characters create strain on her 7 year relationship. Will Charlotte love again?

Chapter Seven

New beginnings

– Torquay-
She left her home town and started again 200 miles away in the South West. Charlotte goes back to school whilst also working full time as a single mum, Charlotte gets on with her new life until she meets the neighbour from hell. Charlotte suffers from harassment and daily death threats. Will Charlotte get back on top?

Chapter Eight

Wits end

Charlotte moves to Exeter to pursue a new career yet her past catches up with her, she is forced to think outside the box and starts on her entrepreneurial path. She sets up many self-employed businesses and directorships specialising in customer services, running herself into financial hardship, whilst suffering with friends and family issues. How will Charlotte survive such hardship?

Chapter Nine

The Escort

Charlotte decided to get her businesses up and running and starts escorting for an agency, she triumphs in anything sex related and decides to go solo, how will her family and friends take the news? She enjoys the work being highly sex, yet it takes its toll on her personal life. Charlotte faces yet another scandal, more threats, more pain, her life was in danger! Will Charlotte be able to resolve these issues, what can she do to keep safe?

Chapter Ten

Going legit

Charlotte works on family issues and decides to invest in a nest egg for her children’s future, but things aren’t as easy as they seem, will history repeat itself? Charlotte gets her first on screen debut throwing Charlotte’s life into turmoil once again. She suffers more family struggles. Charlotte joins the Sex Workers Opera and creates friendships that will stay with her forever, after her first performance she decides to move to London just in time. Will Charlotte get a break?

Chapter Eleven


Charlotte returns from holiday to her new London home, instead of new beginnings she is faced with her sense of security being threatened again. Charlotte organises her first erotic event and has a first taste of politics. She is surrounded by media attention pushing her career, but is this a good thing? How does Charlotte cope with politics and constant discrimination?

Chapter Eleven


After the awards, and the first election Charlotte decides to fight for sexual freedom pushing Charlotte further into the lime light. Documentary offers, radio interviews, speeches, performing in the opera, protests. What does the future hold for Charlotte?