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Who-Is-Charlotte-Rose-Book-CoverOuch he shouted then fell to the floor.

“Stand and present yourself” I state.

He stands painfully staggering to his feet, red faced and out of puff – he then stands to attention and puts his hands behind his back, army style, ready for the next kick to his testicles.

I take a stand back and raise my leg back to get some clout. Thigh high boots feeling tacky as my bare skin heats up with the leather. I have become one with the boot.

I lean my body back to give me momentum, then wallop! another kick to the goolies

“AWWWWWW” – he falls to the floor clutching his manhood, which is now bright red and throbbing with agony. He rolls on the floor panting trying to relieve the pain, like la mars, giving birth to a gigantic red swollen set of bollocks!

I kneel down and grab his chin, pulling it up to my face, I say – “you will do as I say slave” now present yourself!”

He moves his hands away from his screaming agonising member between his legs, and puts his hands flat on the floor to push himself up, he raises one knee and then yelps his body up to stand to attention.

“Present yourself slave” and without hesitation, he stands to attention once again. I remember looking at him thinking ‘how can he take such a kicking’ I originate from the Midlands so I know how to give a good kick, but he keeps wanting more!

This time I am going harder, harder than last time, just to see how long it takes him to get back up again. I take a step back, not as much as a run up, but enough to get a full swing. I’m ready to go for a severe kick of pain!!!

Oh, did he fall!!

I kicked this man twice per shoe, per pair of shoes, with 180 pairs. Thats 720 times, I kicked this slave….in the balls…yet he still wanted more?!

Now, my life never started out like this! So where should I begin?

I guess you want to know about, the sex, the lies, the scandals, the fights, the drugs, the men in my life, the police, the politics, my family, oh, and did I mention the sex…So where should I start?

To understand who I am – you must come back with me to where it all began – so lets begin this journey, of who is Charlotte Rose?